Gain the Lift


As we continue our work working more closely with people and administrators trying to understand and solve some of the issues an underlying pattern a syndrome that typically signifies us is becoming more and more obvious. While we see wealth and poverty thriving together, as we see goodness and badness woven together, as we see selfishness and selflessness coexist in any society, it makes us wonder as to why more people do not wander into the better side of life. What is the thin line that separates self focus and societal focus? Do people have to achieve a level of self achievement before they can think about others? Is accommodating somebody, something else difficult even if it is as simple as yielding to a traffic signal to let other people the way of right?


We as a society need to develop a better sense of abundance and feel more secured about ourselves. We need to understand that there is enough room for all of us to win. There is enough room for all of to share the wealth of this country/world.  Societal rules exist so that we can coexist in a healthy way. It just takes a small realization in each of us that we are both good and evil and the more we practice good, the more we become good and make others good. Let us compete but as humans we have to become complete. Let us aspire to win, but our life cannot be an uncontrolled wind. Spirituality is not what we practice within the walls of our house; it should also be about how we treat each others. The traffic on our roads is an indicator of our opportunity to mature ourselves spiritually. If we can fix this at our individual house then we are not far from making our place a living heaven.

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One Response to Gain the Lift

  1. Debra Singer-Harter says:

    Hello Sairamjayaraman,

    I think this is a great philosophy as you work on the Ahmedabad city plan. I think you are voicing a need for all of the community to be able to enjoy public spaces, access to schools, and cultural diversity programs and activities. What a great time to be part of the plan – – early to influence the overall structure and design! Thank you for your thoughtful outline – – it does show that you care about the outcome. I’ll be reading further posts and looking forward to hearing about the team progress! Regards, Debra

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