Its all about the people…..

Initial impressions of Ahmedabad are that this is a city that  has a strong vision with an ability to execute on this vision. The results they have achieved over the last five years in transforming their physical infrastructure are astounding. The next wave of of execution against the vision will be to strengthen the digital infrastructure to help them become a smarter city.

A couple of the areas that we will focus on as a team will be intelligent transport and citizen services. Both areas are potentially very technology driven so there is a great opportunity to make a real difference for Ahmedabad. The appetite for change is so strong.

The mission of the government is to improve the quality of life of it’s citizens. I am attaching a collage of some of the citizens of Ahmedabad. It’s all about the people!


It’s all about the people


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One Response to Its all about the people…..

  1. No doubt it is all about the people. It is the desire for the people to change that drives improvement. Stagnant societies are struck with people who are conservative and stay frozen in a time warp. Ahmedabad is certainly not in that category.

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