Team IBM Convenes in Ahmedabad

After eight weeks of preparation we have now all arrived in Ahmedabad.   We had our first meeting with the IBM team on Friday, spent the day touring the city on Saturday and conducted our first team meeting this afternoon.  We all agree that to maximize the value that we bring to the project will be to set clear expectations and narrow the scope to one or two areas of interest that we can focus on for the next two weeks.  We are a diverse team with a wide breadth of experience and networks that we are anxious to bring in to focus on major topical areas that cities all over the world are working on including transportation, water management and citizen services.

Old Walled City, Ahmedabad

Thanks to Mamtha, Sunil and Rajesh for setting up our agenda for yesterday that included a heritage walk in the old part of Ahmedabad, Ghandi’s Ashram, Step Well and the Navratri celebration.  They were all amazing experiences that set us up well to get a first look at the city of Ahmedabad.  Fortunately Tom and Andrew had their cameras on hand throughout the day.  The city is multi dimensional with many contrasts between old and new with modern realities living alongside of centuries old traditions.



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