Does your team have bi-polar energy?

A side but important benefit of the trip to India was the opportunity to spend the day with the Bangalore and Noida based System & Technology Group Global Marketing Center team.  The team is young in tenure yet high in enery, enthusiasm, passion for the business and oh yes…. a huge dose of hospitality.

We have spent most of the past two years building the team and have experienced many of the challenges that a fully virtual, multi-cultural and multi-time zone team faces.  Thank you to Thomas and Ritu for working through many of those challenges to build the team that now sits in Bangalore and Noida.  Until now though I had not actually experienced a work day in the “other side of the time zone”.  Mumtaz inadvertently helped me experience yet another challenge when at 5:00 pm while preparing for a call with the North America team she simply asked, “Would you like a cup of coffee?”.

Mumtaz knew that while we had already had a full day in Bangalore our new work “day” was just beginning with a fully energized NA team just beginning the first calls of their day.  Thanks Mumtaz for opening my eyes to the bi-polar  energy challenge and the double shot of energy that the GMC team brings to us everyday.

Good food, great team!

I cannot finish this blog entry without a mention of my first ever home cooked Indian meal.  I had not realized that our GMC teammates are all such good cooks.  Each person on the team prepared and brought a dish from home for our lunch.  I wish that I could list the dishes here but I could neither spell nor pronounce them.  Thanks to all and thanks to Kavya who promises to comment on this blog with the list of each person’s special dish!


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2 Responses to Does your team have bi-polar energy?

  1. Kavya Dwaraki says:

    Hey Marta we are all relieved to know your stomach is doing well, or at least well enough, to still know the names of the dishes you ate :).

    This is what we had on our plates that day: For starters we had ‘Chicken Tikka’ and ‘Aloo (potato) Tikka’. For the main course we had the Indian flat bread called ‘Roti’ with ‘Malai Kofta’ (mashed potato in cream sauce). Continuing on the main course we had ‘Vegetarian Biryani’ and ‘Chicken Biryani’ (spiced rice) with ‘Raita’ (salad with yoghurt dressing) and the crispies that accompanied all this are called ‘Papad’. And of course we had “Ladoo” (gram based) and ‘Gulab Jamun’ for desserts.

  2. Peggy Patton says:

    This all sounds so wonderful and exciting. Very happy that you met our GMC peers. Looking forward to reading more posts !

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