Great CMO Workshop in Tampa

On the road to the IBM Tampa, Florida office. Courtney Campbell Causeway

Wow, what a great day.  I had the opportunity to conduct a Chief Marketing Officer workshop with 16 IBM sellers in Tampa.  So great how interested they are in how to talk to CMOs focusing on issues and opportunities that marketeers  have to build their businesses.  Most of the discussion focused on insights from the IBM CMO study.  During the client review section of the workshop it became clear to the IBM team just how complex marketing is and the broad spectrum of capabilities that a CMO needs to drive market impacting campaigns.  There is not on right answer or approach for any CMO, each company has a unique set of requirements based on their individual go to market strategies.  I learned so much from our IBM sellers and their approach… I think that they learned from my personal experience and looking forward to continuing the dialog.  Next step is to work through the full 360 set of IBM solutions and customize for each client needs.


About Marta McMichael

Marketing exec for IBM
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